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How we create value

We aim to meet the world’s growing need for more and cleaner energy solutions in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. Our Powering Progress strategy is designed to create value for our shareholders, customers and wider society.

Energy use


Our inputs [A]

Financial capital

$172 billion

Equity attributable to Shell plc shareholders [B]

2020: $155 billion

$81 billion

Non-current debt [B]

2020: $91 billion

$53 billion

Net debt [B][C]

2020: $75 billion

$265 billion

Average capital employed [B]

2020: $277 billion

$20 billion

Cash capital expenditure [C]

2020: $18 billion



Refining and chemicals availability

2020: 96%

3,237 (kboe/d)

Oil & gas production available for sale

2020: 3,386 (kboe/d)

31 (million tonnes)

LNG liquefaction volumes

2020: 33 (million tonnes)



Number of employees [B]

2020: 87,000


Number of training days

2020: 234,000

Customers, joint arrangements, Government relations, suppliers.


Operating countries [B]

2020: >70

815 ($ million)

Research and development expenses

2020: 907 ($ million)


Number of patents [B]

2020: 8,480

Natural resources

9,365 (million boe)

Proved oil and gas reserves [B]

2020: 9,124 (million boe)

223 (million MWh)

Energy consumed

2020: 241 (million MWh)

People Value enhanced bytrading and optimisation Carbon offsets Technology andoperational excellence Fuels Mobility Residential Marine Aviation Agricultureand forestry Commercialroad transport Industrial Commercial Lubricants Chemicals Biofuels Electricity Hydrogen Natural gas Liquefied natural gas Gas-to-liquids Energy Solutions Assets and capabilities Energy and chemicals parks LNG and GTL Transport Power Renewables Oil Gas Biomass Supporting the delivery of integrated energy solutions Customer sectors