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Business and property

We are building our R&ES portfolio through organic and inorganic growth. Most of these growth opportunities are in sectors that differ from, but have similarities and links to, Shell’s existing oil and gas businesses.

Some acquired companies in new business sectors are not yet in full compliance with the Shell Control Framework. Following specific assessment for each of those companies, dedicated projects were put in place to achieve compliance, with regular updates on the progress.

Energy Marketing

We provide electricity and smart energy solutions to residential, commercial and industrial customers. We do this through direct electricity sales, storage solutions and energy optimisation services.

We sell natural gas and power to more than 2.2 million retail customers mainly in the UK, the USA, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Our largest markets for commercial and industrial customers are Australia and the USA. In Australia we are one of the largest commercial and industrial retailers of electricity in the market.

In January 2023 we launched a strategic review of our European home energy retail business including our operations in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. Our priority remains to ensure our customers in those countries continue to receive a reliable and affordable energy supply. No decisions have been taken at this time. We intend to provide an update on the outcome of the review in due course.

Trading and Optimisation

We market and trade natural gas and power from our own assets and from third parties. In the USA we are one of the leading power wholesale traders.

Renewable Power Generation

We enable renewable power generation by owning and operating wind farms and solar plants, and participating in joint ventures. At the end of 2022, our share of renewable generation capacity was 2.2 GW in operation and 4.2 GW in development. Our renewable power capacities are listed below:

Renewable power capacity in operation and in development as of December 31, 2022 – by region


In operation [A]

In development [B]


100% capacity (MW)

Shell interest (MW)

100% capacity (MW)

Shell interest (MW)











North America













Renewable power capacity in operation and in development as of December 31, 2022–2020





Renewable power generation capacity (Shell interest – gigawatt):




In operation [A]




In development [B]





Renewable generation capacity post commercial operation date.


Renewable generation capacity under construction and/or committed for sale under long-term offtake agreement (PPA).


We are part of joint ventures and alliances that have built hydrogen filling stations for passenger cars and trucks. Since July 2021, we have operated an electrolyser (Shell interest 100%) in Germany, which produces green hydrogen (produced using electricity from renewable sources). In China, our joint venture Zhangjiakou City Transport and Shell New Energy Co., Limited (Shell interest 47.5%) developed a renewable power electrolyser and is developing hydrogen filling stations in Zhangjiakou City in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The electrolyser started operations in January 2022. In July 2022, we announced the final investment decision to build the 200 MW electrolyser Holland Hydrogen I (Shell interest 100%) in the Netherlands, which is expected to be operational from 2025.

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a combination of technologies that capture and store CO2 deep underground, preventing its release into the atmosphere. In the R&ES segment we offer CCS services to our customers. Existing CCS operations that help decarbonise our own assets are reported in the segment where the relevant asset sits.

We have a 33.3% interest in the Northern Lights CCS joint venture, where the other partners are Equinor and TotalEnergies (equal partners). The project is located in Norway and is under construction. Phase One is expected to be operational in 2024.

Nature and Environmental Solutions

Nature and Environmental Solutions include our Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) business and the Environmental Products Trading Business (EPTB). NBS conserve, enhance and restore ecosystems – such as forests, grasslands and wetlands – to prevent greenhouse gas emissions or reduce atmospheric CO2 levels.

Through EPTB we develop, offtake, trade and supply environmental products across compliance and voluntary markets, and this includes working with our other businesses such as Integrated Gas or Marketing to provide integrated energy solutions to customers.

Shell Ventures

Shell Ventures are corporate venture funds, where we act as an investor and a partner to help commercialise innovative businesses. We aim to accelerate the energy and mobility transformation by investing in companies that lower emissions, electrify energy systems, gain data-based insights and provide innovative consumer solutions.

Solar panels installed at Treasury Wine Estates, Australia, in front of vinyards, trees and the blue sky. (photo)
Photo: Solar panels installed at Treasury Wine Estates, Australia, helping TWE get closer to achieving its net-zero target.

Treasury Wine Estates switches to solar

In 2022, Shell helped wine producer Treasury Wine Estates, owner of the Penfolds, 19 Crimes, St Huberts and Wolf Blass labels, get closer to achieving its net-zero target and become a renewable energy producer by installing a combined 9,500 solar panel modules at two of its Australian sites.

The solar modules were installed at the Barossa Winery and packaging centre in South Australia, and the Karadoc Winery in Victoria. They have been installed on rooftops and in open ground areas, and are expected to generate more than 5,500 megawatt-hours of electricity per year. This is the equivalent of powering 900 homes and offers an example of how the wine industry can navigate the energy transition.

Treasury Wine Estates wants to produce wine sustainably and is aiming for net-zero emissions from its own operations and the energy it consumes by 2030. Shell’s Powering Progress strategy seeks to help customers decarbonise by identifying and providing solutions for cleaner, affordable and reliable energy.

Shell Energy is working with Treasury Wine Estates, which has 13,000 hectares of vineyards all over the world, to provide renewable energy across the wine company’s operations, from cultivation to cellar door, tasting halls, offices and packaging centres. A further 9,000 solar panels are in the process of being installed at Treasury Wine Estates’ Californian vineyards, including Sterling Winery, TWE Paso Winery, Paris Valley Ranch and Beaulieu Vineyards.

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