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Previous reports and translations

Since 1998, we have publicly reported on our progress in contributing to sustainable development. All reports are available for download, since 2005 also translated into a number of languages. In the event of conflicts between the translated version and the English language version, the English language version shall prevail.


Description and year


Shell Sustainability Summary 2012


English (pdf, size 591 kB)

Arabic (pdf, size 1714 kB)


Chinese (pdf, size 1407 kB)


Dutch (pdf, size 1344 kB)


French (pdf, size 1357 kB)


Japanese (pdf, size 1455 kB)


Portuguese (pdf, size 1356 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 1544 kB)


Spanish (pdf, size 1349 kB)


Turkish (pdf, size 1528 kB)

Shell Sustainability Report 2011


English (pdf, size 2135 kB)


View the online version


Shell Sustainability Summary 2011


English (pdf, size 502 kB)

Arabic (pdf, size 1315 kB)


Chinese (pdf, size 1616 kB)


Dutch (pdf, size 1186 kB)


French (pdf, size 1190 kB)


German (pdf, size 674 kB)


Japanese (pdf, size 1423 kB)


Portuguese (pdf, size 1195 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 1116 kB)


Spanish (pdf, size 1183 kB)


Turkish (pdf, size 1169 kB)

Shell Sustainability Report 2010


English (pdf, size 2132 kB)




Shell Sustainability Summary 2010


English (pdf, size 993 kB)

Chinese (pdf, size 1023 kB)


French (pdf, size 1726 kB)


German (pdf, size 1737 kB)


Japanese (pdf, size 1926 kB)


Portuguese (pdf, size 1726 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 1936 kB)


Spanish (pdf, size 1723 kB)

Shell Sustainability Report 2009


English (pdf, size 2943 kB)

Local Report for Brazil (pdf, size 2354 kB)



Shell Sustainability Review 2009


English (pdf, size 1479 kB)

Chinese (pdf, size 1749 kB)


French (pdf, size 1491 kB)


German (pdf, size 1525 kB)


Japanese (pdf, size 1720 kB)


Portuguese (pdf, size 1478 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 1964 kB)


Spanish (pdf, size 1326 kB)


Vietnamese (pdf, size 1446 kB)

Shell Sustainability Report 2008


English (pdf, size 2727 kB)

Portuguese (pdf, size 2832 kB)



Shell Sustainability Review 2008


English (pdf, size 378 kB)

Chinese (pdf, size 795 kB)


French (pdf, size 472 kB)


Japanese (pdf, size 759 kB)


German (pdf, size 380 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 2550 kB)


Thai (pdf, size 440 kB)


Vietnamese (pdf, size 538 kB)

Shell Sustainability Report 2007


English (pdf, size 3830 kB)

Arabic (pdf, size 2855 kB)


Chinese (pdf, size 2802 kB)


Dutch (pdf, size 1933 kB)


French (pdf, size 3050 kB)


German (pdf, size 2140 kB)


Italian (pdf, size 1958 kB)


Portuguese (pdf, size 2819 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 1913 kB)


Spanish (pdf, size 3168 kB)


Thai (pdf, size 2788 kB)

Shell Sustainability Review 2007


English (pdf, size 2770 kB)

Arabic (pdf, size 874 kB)


Chinese (pdf, size 2294 kB)


Dutch (pdf, size 625 kB)


French (pdf, size 1269 kB)


Italian (pdf, size 1397 kB)


Portuguese (pdf, size 2186 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 2186 kB)


Spanish (pdf, size 2164 kB)


Thai (pdf, size 2712 kB)


Vietnamese (pdf, size 698 kB)

Shell Sustainability Report 2006


English (pdf, size 5369 kB)

Arabic (pdf, size 5222 kB)


Chinese (pdf, size 4885 kB)


Dutch (pdf, size 2596 kB)


French (pdf, size 2671 kB)


German (pdf, size 2394 kB)


Italian (pdf, size 2469 kB)


Japanese (pdf, size 3420 kB)


Portuguese (pdf, size 2612 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 2906 kB)


Spanish (pdf, size 2552 kB)


Thai (pdf, size 6072 kB)

Shell Sustainability Report 2005


English (pdf, size 1465 kB)

Arabic (pdf, size 2761 kB)


Japanese (pdf, size 2591 kB)


Russian (pdf, size 1553 kB)

The Shell Report 2004

English (pdf, size 2087 kB)

The Shell Report 2003

English (pdf, size 3092 kB)

The Shell Report 2002

English (pdf, size 883 kB)

The Shell Report 2001

English (pdf, size 1955 kB)

The Shell Report 2000

English (pdf, size 1556 kB)

The Shell Report 2000 (covering 1999)

English (pdf, size 12370 kB)

The Shell Report 1999 (covering 1998)

English (pdf, size 3030 kB)

The Shell Report 1998 (covering 1997)

English (pdf, size 4055 kB)