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Energy efficiency

Energy Intensity – Upstream
(excluding Oil Sands and GTL)gigajoules/tonne production
Energy intensity – Upstream (excluding Oil sands and GTL) – gigajoules/tonne production (line chart)
Energy Intensity – Oil Sandsgigajoules/tonne production [C]
Energy intensity – Oil sands – gigajoules/tonne production (line chart)

[C] Includes mining and upgrading operations

One of the ways we can manage our direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is to work on improving the energy efficiency of the facilities we operate.

In 2013, the overall energy intensity for the production of oil and gas in our Upstream business (excluding oil sands and GTL) worsened compared with 2012, with rising production of hydrocarbons that need more energy to access. All our major facilities have energy management plans in place to make the best use of those facilities, including the use of improved field management techniques. We expect that maintaining the energy efficiency levels of recent years will be more difficult in the future as existing fields age and new production comes from more energy-intensive sources. This is expected to increase our GHG emissions over time.

In our oil sands operations, energy intensity in 2013 improved slightly compared with 2012.

In 2013, the overall energy intensity for the manufacturing of oil products at our refineries improved compared with 2012, due to improved efficiency of operations.

The overall energy intensity of our chemical plants improved in 2013 compared with 2012, due to lower unplanned downtime and improved energy efficiency of our operations.

Our refineries and chemical plants continue to implement their carbon dioxide (CO2) and energy management programmes (see “Climate change” and “Focus on technology and innovation”) to improve their energy efficiency.

Energy Intensity – RefineriesRefinery Energy Index [D]
Energy intensity – Refineries – Refinery Energy Index (line chart)

[D] Indexed to 2002; based on 2006 Solomon EIITM methodology

Energy Intensity – Chemical plantsChemicals Energy Index
Energy intensity – Chemical plants – Chemicals Energy Index (line chart)