Two girls participating in NXplorers, Shell´s flagship STEM programme (photo)

Contribution to society

Our contribution to society comes in many forms. It includes providing energy products that millions of people rely on. We also contribute by paying taxes that support public services, creating jobs and supporting communities through our social investment programmes.

Contribution to society in 2019 [A]


People standing next to a building (icon)

and 4,000 in certain New Energies and Downstream companies, at December 31, 2019

Training days

Brain thinking (icon)

for employees and joint venture partners


Coins stapled (icon)
$44.9 billion

on goods and services worldwide

Senior leaders

Woman in senior leadership (icon)

women in senior leadership positions

Voluntary social investment

Dollar sign in a head (icon)
$116 million

Dividends distributed

Coins distributed (icon)
$15.2 billion

Graduate recruits

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Jobs created

ID card (icon)

through Shell LiveWIRE

Payments to governments

Dollar coin (icon)
$61.3 billion

[A] All these numbers exclude the 4,000 employees in certain New Energies and Downstream companies except total Employees number.