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Contributing to Nigeria's economy

Shell’s Nigerian businesses support the development of local communities and companies. The businesses in which Shell has interests employed 2,500 people directly in 2021 and provided jobs for many others in supplier networks. In 2021, Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN) awarded contracts worth $800 million to Nigerian-registered companies. 

Social and economic contribution of Shell companies in Nigeria

  • 2,500

    people employed by Shell, plus more than 8,500 contractors

  • 97%

    employees in Nigeria who are Nigerian

  • $986 million

    royalties and corporate taxes paid to the Nigerian government in 2021 (SPDC $424 million and SNEPCo $562 million)

  • $800 million

    worth of contracts were awarded to Nigerian-registered companies

  • 19

    health-care projects supported by SPDC [A] JV and SNEPCo [B]

  • 3,200+

    university grants awarded by SPDC JV and SNEPCo since 2016

[A] The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC), which has a 30% interest in the SPDC joint venture (SPDC JV) and produces oil and gas in the Niger Delta.

[B] The Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited (SNEPCo), which operates in the deep waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

In addition to paying $986 million in 2021 royalties and corporate taxes to the Nigerian government (SPDC $424 million; SNEPCo $562 million), Shell Companies in Nigeria (SCiN) also contributed $33.82 million in direct social investment. Social investment was mainly in projects related to community, health, education, road safety and enterprise programmes. These projects are often implemented in partnership with local authorities.

In 2021, we launched Shell Energy Nigeria, which aims to develop new gas distribution solutions and deliver competitive and reliable energy for power generation and industrial use across the country.

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Royalties are generally payment due for the use of an asset. Mineral royalties are payments to governments or other owners for the rights to extract oil and gas resources, typically at a set percentage of revenue less any deductions that may be taken. See also Trademark royalties.
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