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Community skills and enterprise development

Our community skills and enterprise development programmes benefit local communities where we operate by creating employment opportunities and contributing to economic development, while adding value to our supply chain.

In 2023, around 25,000 people participated in, and more than 2,800 businesses were supported by, our skills development programmes, which helped more than 1,800 people gain employment and/or improve their livelihoods after the training.

Shell has two global enterprise development programmes — Shell LiveWIRE and Shell StartUp Engine.

Shell LiveWIRE helps entrepreneurs in 18 countries start and/or grow their businesses. In 2023, Shell LiveWIRE trained about 3,400 people around the world and helped create more than 1,200 jobs. The programme supported 1,051 existing businesses and the creation of 196 new businesses, with 38 Shell LiveWIRE-supported businesses entering our supply chain in 2023. Shell started the programme in 1982.

Shell StartUp Engine is a global innovation programme for entrepreneurs in the energy industry. It supports early-stage start-ups in areas such as renewables, energy storage, smart grids and electric mobility. In 2023, the programme supported 44 start-ups in Brazil, the Netherlands (as New Energy Challenge), Singapore and the UK.

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