Trinidad and Tobago

450 Employees

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Main Business Activities

  • Upstream and Integrated Gas

Shell has been active in Trinidad and Tobago since 1913. Following Shell’s 2013 acquisition of Repsol’s LNG business and the 2016 acquisition of the BG Group, Shell has a larger presence in Trinidad and Tobago.

Shell’s portfolio in Trinidad and Tobago includes exploration and production activities through both operated and non-operated ventures, as well as gas and oil pipelines and LNG facilities.

Country Financial Analysis

In Trinidad and Tobago, tax filings for production sharing contracts (PSCs) are assessed individually by legal entity or asset. This means that losses in one PSC may not be offset against profits arising elsewhere. Overall, Trinidad and Tobago reported a loss for accounting purposes but some individual assets were in production. As a result, $21 million of corporate income tax was accrued on these profits.

Our Payments to Governments Report for 2018 also shows that Shell paid around $97.2 million for production entitlements, royalties and fees.