Integrated Gas

Key figures in 2019

cash flow from operations






LNG liquefaction volumes


million tonnes

LNG liquefaction plants


in operation

LNG cargoes sold


every day

MW traded


in 20+ countries

global demand for LNG


increase in 2019

Investment in new energies


billion invested since formation in 2016

renewable electricity supplied


by Shell Energy Retail

Our Integrated Gas business manages liquefied natural gas (LNG) activities and the conversion of natural gas into gas-to-liquids (GTL) fuels and other products, as well as our New Energies portfolio. It includes natural gas and liquids exploration and extraction, and the operation of infrastructure necessary to deliver gas and liquids to market. The business markets and trades natural gas, LNG, electricity and carbon-emission rights. It also sells LNG as a fuel for heavy-duty vehicles and marine vessels.

Integrated Gas manages significant projects and assets, which include LNG liquefaction plants, regasification terminals and GTL plants. Earnings and tax contributions are impacted by natural gas prices, production volumes and operating expenses. In 2019, natural gas prices were lower compared with 2018. This was a result of supply growing faster than demand.

Our New Energies business explores emerging opportunities linked to the energy transition and invests in those where we see sufficient value. We focus on power and this includes its generation, electric vehicle charging and new fuels for transport, including advanced biofuels and hydrogen.

We are building our New Energies portfolio through organic growth and acquisitions. Since the formation of New Energies in 2016, we have invested more than $2 billion in the business, excluding operating expenses, with most of this investment being directed to power. Between 2021 and 2025, our investments in power could grow to between $2 billion and $3 billion a year on average, if certain financial conditions are met.