Tax transparency timeline

  • 2003

    One of the initiators of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

  • 2012

    First voluntary publication of tax payments in 14 countries

    Publication of Shell’s Approach to Tax

  • 2016

    First publication of Payments to Governments Report in line with European regulations (covering exploration and production activities)

  • 2017

    Publication of Shell UK Tax Strategy and Statement on Tax Evasion

    Shell’s first country-by-country report submitted to tax authorities

  • 2018

    Pilot International Compliance and Assurance Programme

    Shell commits to the B Team Responsible Tax Principles

  • 2019

    First publication of Shell’s Tax Contribution Report

  • 2021

    Shell agrees to report on environmental, social and governance performance factors, including tax, against the World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics