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Brunei and Malaysia


Shell and the Brunei government are 50:50 shareholders in Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad (BSP). BSP holds long-term oil and gas concession rights onshore and offshore Brunei, and sells most of its natural gas production to Brunei LNG Sendirian Berhad (BLNG, Shell interest 25%). BLNG was the first LNG plant in the Asia-Pacific region and sells most of the LNG on long-term contracts to buyers in Japan and South Korea.

We also have a 35% interest in the Block B concession, where gas and condensate are produced from the Maharaja Lela Field, a 12.5% interest in exploration Block CA-2 and a 53.9% operating interest in exploration Block A.


We have been operating in Malaysia since 1910. As contractor to Petronas, we produce oil and gas located offshore Sarawak and Sabah under 14 PSCs, in which our interests range from 30% to 80%.

In Sabah we operate four producing offshore oil fields with interests ranging from 50% to 80% as part of the 2011 North Sabah enhanced oil recovery (EOR) PSC and the SB1 PSC. We also have additional interests ranging from 35% to 50% in PSCs for the exploration and development of five deep-water blocks, which include the unitised Gumusut-Kakap field (Shell interest 33%) and the Malikai field (Shell interest 35%). Both fields are currently being developed with Shell as the operator. We have a 21% interest in the Siakap North/Petai field operated by Murphy Oil Corporation and a 30% interest in the Kebabangan field operated by the Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company.

In Sarawak we are the operator of 18 gas fields with interests ranging from 37.5% to 70%. Nearly all of the gas produced is supplied to Malaysia LNG in Bintulu where we have a 15% interest in each of the Dua and Tiga LNG plants. We also have a 40% interest in the 2011 Baram Delta EOR PSC and a 50% interest in Block SK-307.

In 2011, we signed a heads of agreement with Petronas for two 30-year PSCs for enhanced oil recovery projects offshore Sarawak and Sabah. These PSCs replace the existing 2003 Baram Delta and 1996 North Sabah PSCs. The heads of agreement specifies work activities and new investment from Shell and its joint venture partner to increase the average recovery factor of the fields in the PSC and extend their productive life beyond 2040.

We also operate a GTL plant (Shell interest 72%), which is adjacent to the LNG facilities in Bintulu. Using Shell technology, the plant converts natural gas into high-quality middle distillates and other specialty products.

Map of Brunei and Malaysia

Brunei and Malaysia (detailed map)