Shell Eco-marathon

Students compete to go further using less energy at Shell Eco-marathon, Malaysia. (photo)

Students compete to go further using
less energy at the Shell Eco-marathon
in Malaysia.

The Shell Eco-marathon encourages students to develop innovative, fuel-efficient vehicles. Student teams from around the world compete to design and build vehicles using a range of lightweight and often recyclable materials. They can run on biofuels, solar energy or hydrogen, as well as petrol or diesel. The winners are the teams in each fuel category that go the furthest distance using the least amount of energy. In 2011, a total of 342 teams took part in the competition in three events in Germany, Malaysia and the USA.

We have further developed the competition to bring the challenge of sustainable mobility to a wider audience. In 2011, competitors in the USA drove on the streets of Houston, Texas, for the second year running instead of a racetrack, testing their vehicles in real driving conditions.

The Shell Eco-marathon Europe also moves from the racetrack to the city in 2012. It will take place in the centre of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, along with public debates and other events to promote awareness of sustainable transport.