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Fuels and products

Cars allow many people to go about their daily lives. Trucks, ships and aircraft help economies to thrive. But as the number of vehicles on the roads rises and global trade increases, the need to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of transport becomes more critical. Shell works to develop more efficient fuels and lubricants that can help move the world’s growing number of people and goods by road, sea and air.

Fuel efficiency for transport

Shell supplies fuel to millions of drivers every day. Shell FuelSave petrol and diesel are our most efficient fuels to date. They are designed to help motorists save fuel by improving combustion in the engine and reducing energy loss. In 2012, these fuels became available in three more countries: Bulgaria, Mauritius and Poland. This brought to 18 the number of countries where Shell FuelSave was available at the end of the year.

Shell works directly with consumers to help them save energy. From 2009 to 2011, we trained more than 200,000 people across the globe on fuel efficiency through face-to-face training, driving simulators, online tutorials and Shell FuelSave driving challenges.

In 2012, we started a programme to help an additional million people worldwide learn how to save fuel and reduce their fuel costs. Through the Shell FuelSave Target One Million campaign, consumers can access a series of online mini-games designed to improve their skills in saving fuel, such as using gears more effectively, conserving the car’s momentum and protecting the engine with the right motor oil. In 2012, around 250,000 drivers took part in Target One Million.

We also help road transport companies to save fuel. Shell FuelSave Partner is a fuel management system for fleet operators that electronically monitors fuel use. It recommends different speeds, routes and more efficient driving habits to optimise fuel economy.

More efficient lubricants

Shell develops advanced lubricants for cars and trucks that can improve the efficiency of engines and help save fuel. We invest in research and development, and employ more than 200 scientists and engineers who work to improve our lubricants. We also work with partners, including major engine manufacturers. Shell Helix lubricant, for example, was developed through our technical partnership with Ferrari. The Shell Rimula range of heavy-duty engine oils includes products that can help truck, bus and coach drivers improve their fuel economy while protecting their engines.

For the shipping industry, Shell launched a new lubricant in 2012 called Shell Alexia S4 that helps marine vessels reduce fuel consumption. Shell Alexia S4 has been tested successfully across a wide range of operating conditions, and has shown that it works effectively at a range of speeds.