Cash engines

Cash engines are strategic themes that are expected to provide strong and resilient returns and free cash flow, funding shareholder returns and strengthening the balance sheet. Shell continues to invest in selective growth opportunities for cash engines. In May 2017, Shell completed the sale of the majority of its interests in oil sands in Canada. As a result, Oil Sands Mining no longer features as a strategic theme.

Oil and gas rig (icon)

Conventional Oil and Gas

In our Conventional Oil and Gas business, we only make investments in selective growth positions and apply our distinctive technology and operating performance to extend the productive lives of our assets and to enhance their profitability.

LNG vessel (icon)

Integrated Gas

In Integrated Gas, covering worldwide and production facilities in Qatar and Malaysia, we have leadership positions in profitable and growing markets. We focus on delivering cash and returns, creating and securing new gas demand, and making selective new investments in additional LNG supply capacity.

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Oil Products

In Oil Products, our distinctive product offering is underpinned by a strong manufacturing base and offers growth potential in selective markets.

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