Projects & Technology overview

The realisation of Shell’s business strategy depends on these capabilities:

  • planning, designing, engineering and constructing oil and gas projects — including the drilling of wells — so that they return the most value per dollar invested;
  • developing nascent technologies into value-generating propositions through internal and external research & development (R&D) programmes; and
  • maintaining the operational performance of assets at a high level.

P&T manages these capabilities for Shell. In addition, it provides the functional leadership for Shell’s global contracting and procurement programme and for its global safety commitment, helping to ensure that Shell’s operations remain competitive and do not harm people or the environment.

Projects & Technology

Projects & Technology – Project management company of the year according to the Association of Project Management; Improving capital efficiency: Supply chain; Competitive scoping; Efficient execution; Affordable technology; $6 billion in capital efficiency savings, relative to 2014; $922 million spent on R&D in 2017; 35% reduction in average unit field-development cost, relative to 2014 (graph)

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