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A Shell employee conducts tests at a laboratory in Doha, Qatar (photo)

We are helping to provide cleaner energy. We produce around as much cleaner-burning natural gas as oil and are working on developing advanced biofuels for the future. We operate in challenging conditions, such as deep water, and continue to work on advancing new technologies to become more energy efficient. This section describes our operations around the world and what we did during 2013 to balance economic, environmental and social considerations in a responsible way, with safety as our first priority.

Sustainable development in Shell

Shell works with governments, partners and communities to help meet the world’s growing energy demand in a more sustainable way.

Natural gas

All forms of energy will be needed to power economic progress.

Tight gas and oil

Shell has a number of projects producing tight gas and oil, with exploration taking place in countries that include Argentina, Turkey and Ukraine.

Liquefied natural gas

Greater supplies of natural gas, the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, can help to meet growing energy demand.

Contractors, suppliers and joint ventures

Contractors, suppliers and joint ventures play an important role in our activities around the world.

Deep water

For more than 35 years, Shell has led deep-water exploration and production.


Iraq continues to reinvigorate its economy by rebuilding its energy industry.

Alaska: Q&A with Ann Pickard

In 2013, we paused our Alaska exploration programme and due to uncertainty of permits we stopped our preparations for 2014.

Nigeria: Q&A with Mutiu Sunmonu

The Chairman of Shell companies in Nigeria, Mutiu Sunmonu, answers questions about Shell’s operations in Nigeria during 2013.

Partners and collaboration

Collaboration among business, government and civil society is necessary to address the scale of the challenges that the world faces.

Oil sands

Oil sands are one of the world’s most significant energy resources, with more than 170 billion barrels of crude oil.

Technology and innovation

Innovation and the development of advanced technologies are central to our strategy.

Fuels and products

At Shell, we develop transport fuels and lubricants that can help motorists to reduce their fuel consumption and improve engine efficiency for vehicles.


The use of low-carbon biofuels is one way to reduce carbon dioxide from transport fuels in the coming years.