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Our Prelude FLNG facility under construction, in the Geoje shipyard, South-Korea (photo)

Shell works to help meet the world’s growing demand for energy in a responsible way. This means operating safely, reducing our impact on the environment and sharing benefits with the communities who are our neighbours. We have global standards in place and continually learn from our experiences to improve the way we operate. This section outlines how sustainability underpins our operations, including how we work with communities, our commitment to safe operations and how we manage environmental impacts.

Building a sustainable energy future

We are at the early stages of a transformation in energy use.

Sustainability and our business strategy

Our approach to sustainability seeks to reinforce our position as an industry leader while helping to meet global energy demand in a responsible way.

Living by our principles

Our business principles govern the way we work.


Safety is critical to the responsible delivery of energy.


Many of our operations have neighbouring communities.


We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations as we help to meet the world’s growing energy demand.

Climate change

All forms of energy will be needed to meet growing global demand.

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage involves capturing carbon dioxide from large industrial sources and storing it deep underground.