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Climate policy engagement

We aim to be at the forefront of the drive for greater transparency around climate-related policy engagement. We set out our approach, policy positions, examples of our advocacy, and reviews of our memberships of industry associations on our website (see

In October 2021, we published our updated global climate and energy transition policy positions to reflect our Powering Progress strategy and our target to become a net-zero emissions energy business. We believe that by advocating these positions as we transform our business, we support the energy transition and the Paris Agreement on climate change. 

Our detailed policy positions serve as a global framework for Shell’s advocacy with governments, international organisations, industry associations, coalitions, and other stakeholders globally, regionally and within countries. 

Industry associations

We have continued to work to ensure our memberships of industry associations support our climate-related policy positions. We have seen positive signs such as wider support for the Paris Agreement, carbon pricing and the regulation of methane emissions. We are clear that our memberships should strengthen and not undermine our support of the goal of the Paris Agreement and the global drive to achieve net-zero emissions.

We published our latest Industry Associations Climate Review in 2021, and a progress update in April 2022. This provides an update on industry associations where we found some misalignment and material misalignment, details of our climate lobbying in the European Union and the USA, and information on our payments to 36 associations. We will publish our next Industry Associations Climate Review in 2023 and plan to use our updated climate and energy transition policy positions as the basis of our assessments.