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Fuels and products

At Shell, we develop and provide transport fuels, lubricants and services to help motorists, shippers and airlines boost the energy efficiency of their vehicles and fleets.

Carlo De Guzman (photo)

External opinion

“The team’s founder, Jeffrey Yu, viewed Shell Eco-marathon as an opportunity for the university and its students to be involved in a high profile engineering project. Participating in the Shell Eco-marathon helped our team prove that, as young engineers, we can develop fuel-efficient cars as a solution to the current environmental crisis.

In 2014, our team came second place in the Urban Concept Battery Electric (on-track). We also won the Perseverance and Spirit of the Event Award! The concept of Shell Eco-marathon is very inspiring. It offers students the ability to showcase their knowledge and skills to create energy-efficient cars and also promotes environmental awareness. I hope that Shell continues to host events that encourage a greener future.”

Carlo De Guzman
Team manager, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines

Our transportation fuels and products can help reduce the environmental impact of transportation. This is important as transport increases around the world and regulations to reduce emissions are strengthened.

Efficient fuels for vehicles

Shell supplies fuels to millions of drivers around the world every day. There are almost 43,000 Shell branded retail service stations in more than 70 countries, serving more than 25 million customers a day. For over a century, our scientists and engineers have developed transport fuels for customers and focused on improving motorist fuel efficiency.

Our range of regular priced transport fuels includes Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel. These contain ingredients designed to improve the combustion process in vehicle engines which can help drivers to use less fuel.

Shell FuelSave Diesel is also used in the heavy road transport sector. It can deliver fuel savings of up to 3% across the operational lifetime of heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and help customers reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other emissions.

Advanced lubricants

Lubricants are vital to the efficient operation and longer working life of equipment, including engines developed for vehicles and industrial use. Oils and greases reduce friction between moving surfaces and also help to cool, clean and protect equipment. The right lubricants can improve the fuel efficiency of engines, helping to reduce emission levels.

Shell also offers a broad range of lubrication services that can help customers reduce their energy and fuel consumption. For example, the lubricant sample analysis that we offer can provide an early warning system to customers about components wearing out.