Social performance

Social performance means building strong relationships with people, understanding their priorities and concerns, and managing our impact. It is essential to being a responsible organisation and plays a crucial role in delivering Shell’s business strategy at the community level.

We assess and manage the potential social impact of all our projects as part of integrated environmental, social and health impact assessments. We also contribute to building skills in the communities where we operate by supporting education and training programmes, and by encouraging the development of local businesses.

To achieve continuous performance improvement, Shell applies a comprehensive set of standards that define how we expect Shell companies to operate socially and environmentally. These standards are set out in our Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Performance Control Framework (HSSE&SP Control Framework). We conduct detailed assessment reviews – jointly carried out by senior leaders and social performance teams – to provide assurance and visibility of the risks and achievements of our activities. These reviews were piloted in 2016 and took place in 25 countries in 2018.