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We have a 27.5% interest in Sakhalin-2, one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas projects. Located in a subarctic environment, the project produced approximately 320 thousand boe/d and more than 10 million tonnes of LNG in 2013. We have a 50% interest in the Salym fields in western Siberia, where production was approximately 145 thousand boe/d in 2013. We also have a 100% interest in three exploration and production licences. They are for the Barun-Yustinsky block in Kalmykia, and the Arkatoitsky and Lenzitsky blocks in the Yamalo Nenets Autonomous District. We also have an exploration licence in the North-Vorkutinsky area in the Komi Republic. In 2013, we returned the East Talotinskiy licence in the Nenets Autonomous District to the government.

Map of Kazakhstan and Russia

Kazakhstan and Russia (detailed map)

Map of Russia – Siberia

Russia – Siberia (detailed map)

Map of Russia – Sakhalin

Russia – Sakhalin (detailed map)