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Business to Business

We sell fuels and speciality products and services to a broad range of commercial customers.

Shell Aviation fuels more than 7,000 aircraft every day at approximately 800 airports in about 40 countries. Customers range from private pilots to the largest global airlines and airports. Shell Aviation was voted by airlines as the “Best International Fuel Supplier” in the 2013/2014 Armbrust Awards. It has also won Armbrust’s “Best Technical and Operational Performance” award 15 times in the awards’ 19-year history, including in 2014. Shell Aviation also received a 20-year Strategic Partner award from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 2014 for its significant contribution to the industry and strong cooperation with the member airlines of IATA since 1994.

Shell Commercial Fuels provides transport, industrial and heating fuels. Our range of products, from reliable main-grade fuels to premium products, can offer tangible benefits to users. These include enhanced fuel economy and equipment performance, reductions in maintenance frequency and costs, and environmental benefits, such as reduced emissions.

Shell Bitumen supplies on average 11,000 tonnes of products every day to 1,600 customers worldwide and invests in technology research to develop innovative products. We are one of the largest premium grade bitumen suppliers in China and the only international bitumen supplier for the country’s high-speed railway sector. We have also developed innovative bitumen products that can be mixed and laid at lower temperatures than conventional asphalt to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions.

Shell Sulphur Solutions is a dedicated business which manages the complete value chain of sulphur, from refining to marketing. The business provides sulphur for industries such as mining and textiles and also develops products which incorporate sulphur, such as fertilisers.

Shell Gas (LPG) provides liquefied petroleum gas and related services to retail, commercial and industrial customers for cooking, heating, lighting and transport.