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Trading and supply

Shell Trading and Supply is a global organisation combining our network of trading companies, shipping and maritime capabilities, and supply and distribution infrastructure.

Our global Trading business has the capability to provide consumers and industrial customers with a range of products from natural gas, electricity and crude oil, to refined products, chemical feedstocks and environmental products. Shell trades natural gas and power around the world. Our 50 years’ experience in the natural gas industry makes us one of the world’s most experienced marketers. Across the organisation, we share knowledge and best practices, use common systems and controls, and manage the risks associated with international trading in a competitive environment.

Shell Trading companies operate around the world, with the main trading and marketing locations in Dubai, Houston, London, Rotterdam and Singapore. Two major Shell Trading business units concentrate their operations in Europe and North America. Shell Energy Europe markets and trades gas, power and CO2 emissions allowances throughout Europe, serving about 7,000 customers. Together with its subsidiaries, Shell Energy North America trades and markets our North American natural gas production, benefiting from access to power generation and gas storage assets.

Shell Shipping and Maritime offers a high level of expertise and decades of experience. It is responsible for ensuring that all of Shell’s global maritime activities are safely managed, including ships, barges, drilling rigs, supply boats, FPSOs, FSRUs, SBMs and the related operations that take place in some 130 ports and terminals.

Shell has a well-developed global supply and distribution infrastructure. A network of about 150 distribution facilities with more than 1,500 storage tanks in about 25 countries delivers feedstocks to our refineries and chemical plants, as well as finished products to our marketing businesses and customers worldwide. We move products in Europe, the USA and other parts of the world through 9,000 kilometres of onshore and offshore pipelines. Our fleet of about 2,400 Shell-owned or contracted trucks travels an average of about 860,000 kilometres a day, making a delivery somewhere in the world on average every 13 seconds.

We have systematically reduced the cost and time of deliveries. We have adopted fuel-saving driving techniques, increased the size of deliveries and made the best use of our vehicle availability. We also continue to look at opportunities to manage stock levels more efficiently in response to changes in market conditions.