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Human rights and worker welfare

Cover of the Accommodation and Welfare Guide (image)
The Accommodation and Welfare
Guide will help establish consistent
accommodation standards.

In 2014, a new supplier auditing programme was introduced for merchandise suppliers as part of our risk-based approach. This helps Shell to understand and mitigate labour rights risks associated with merchandise manufacturing.

We conduct ethical audits in factories that are being considered as a supplier to Shell. Each audit reviews a supplier’s labour practices, HSE conditions and general business practices. In 2014, audits were carried out in 17 factories, covering 91 products, based on locations that we consider of risk. The audits highlight any areas that do not comply with our standards. Suppliers may have to improve conditions before they can be accepted by Shell.

Thousands of our contractors work on construction sites away from home. Good working and living conditions for our employees and contractors helps to bring about a safer and more productive working environment. In 2014, we published our Accommodation and Welfare Guide that provides tools and management guidance relating to the living conditions for employees and contractors who work away from home. It defines the conditions for safe, secure and comfortable accommodation to meet the physical, mental, cultural and social needs of workers. The guide will help to establish a consistent global standard across Shell for those who build our facilities around the world. It applies to all ventures operated by Shell and should be used by all Shell contractors that provide worker accommodation.