Water scarcity is a growing challenge in many regions and the availability of fresh water is a key global issue. It is important that Shell and others in the oil and gas industry manage water in a responsible and sustainable manner to protect and preserve this valuable resource.

Our approach

Our water management approach is based on complying with local and international regulations, on improving our performance and preparing for the future. Across the world, water constraints tend to affect people at the local or regional level. Therefore, the way in which Shell manages our use of fresh water is often tailored to the local situation.

Water use in our operations

In water scarce areas near our operations or projects we develop water management plans. These assess the risks of water availability and help us to monitor and reduce our water use. We also work with parties in water scarce areas, such as communities, municipalities and local government, to understand broader issues around water availability and to create appropriate solutions.

Over the past two years we have established a global centre of excellence for water at the Shell Technology Centre in Bangalore, India. This enables us to share ideas, innovations and technologies on water issues across Shell.


We work with industry bodies, such as IPIECA, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute and our environmental partners on a number of programmes for water recycling, natural infrastructure and water accounting practices. These relationships enable us to improve our current performance and help us prepare for the future.