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Communities and employment

Bonga floating production vessel, off the coast of Nigeria (photo)
Bonga North West is connected to the
existing Bonga floating production vessel.
Off the coast of Nigeria.

We aim to reduce any negative impacts of our deep-water activities on communities and to support local economies by providing employment and training opportunities. For example, our Bonga North West project in Nigeria has provided specialist training and employment opportunities for Nigerians, who made up 90% of the workforce involved in the four-year development phase.

We also support initiatives that improve lives of people living locally. Our joint venture at Malampaya established a foundation to fund health improvement, livelihood generation and environmental conservation programmes. This has included setting up health centres in 344 villages to ensure early diagnosis and prompt treatment of malaria.

At the start of each deep-water project we assess the potential impacts on the environment and marine life, and take steps to manage and reduce any impacts. At Parque das Conchas in Brazil, we have funded long-term research on the South Atlantic humpback whales in the area. This research determined, for the first time, the migration routes, calving and feeding grounds of humpback whales. The results have been taken into account during the management and development of the project. We are a member of a joint industry programme called Sound and Marine Life in the UK which supports research to increase the understanding of the impact of production activity noise on marine life.