Main Business Activities

  • Upstream and Integrated Gas

Qatar Shell GTL Ltd. acts as contractor and operator for the State of Qatar (represented by Qatar Petroleum) with regard to the Pearl gas-to-liquids (GTL) project. In return, Qatar Shell GTL receives a share of production. Shell has a development and production-sharing agreement with the State of Qatar.

Qatar Shell Service Company W.L.L. provides technical services to Qatar Petroleum in exploration and production. Qatar Shell Research &Technology Centre QSTP-LLC carries out research and development for Shell and supports Qatar’s national research strategy. Shell Global Solutions International B.V. provides technology licensing and technical services in Qatar.

Separately, Shell holds a 30% interest in Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Ltd. (4), a liquefied natural gas project which is 70% owned by Qatar Petroleum.

Country Financial Analysis

The minimal statutory corporate income tax rate on gas and oil revenues in Qatar is 35%. -by-country report data for Qatar is not available for this report.

In our Payments to Governments Report, Shell disclosed that we paid around $1.2 billion in corporate income tax, and other fees to the State of Qatar in 2019. Of this, about $681.7 million was for corporate income tax.

For further information, see our Payments to Governments Report.

Throughout this report, “country” is used as the primary descriptor for a geographical area because that is the word used by the OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project in their proposal for Country-by-Country Reporting (CbC Reporting). This is one of the four minimum reporting standards to which over 100 countries have committed, covering the tax residence jurisdictions of nearly all large multinational enterprises (MNEs). In this report “country” may also refer to locations, jurisdictions or territories which have their own tax regimes or discrete rules.
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Production entitlement
This is the host government’s share of production. It includes the government’s share as a sovereign entity or through its participation as an equity or interest holder in projects within its home country.
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