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Our memberships of industry associations

We value our memberships of industry associations, which provide a platform for industry-wide engagements with governments, regulators and communities on a range of issues. Many of the associations we are members of engage on public policy, legislation and regulation. They also often play an important role in developing and implementing industry standards and best practices in areas such as health, safety, security and the environment.

We are members of many industry associations around the world. Shell has different levels of participation and influence in industry associations. As well as holding general memberships, we may be members of association boards, executive committees, other specialist committees and working groups. In other cases, we may have observer, guest or associate status only. Sometimes we second Shell employees to work at an association temporarily.

Decision-making and governance within industry associations varies. Many are consensus-based groups that represent a wide range of companies, often with different positions on public policy issues. This can lead to associations taking positions that are less ambitious on climate change and the energy transition than those taken by some members, including Shell. In such cases, we seek to drive positive change within these associations in line with our principles for participation in industry associations. Where we find material misalignment with an association, and if we see little possibility of change, we are prepared to leave the association.