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Working towards net zero emissions

Our strategy, Powering Progress, is designed to generate shareholder value while we work towards our target of becoming a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Read more about our climate targets.

To meet those targets, we are transforming our business, providing more low-carbon energy solutions and working with our customers and others to help them reduce their emissions, sector by sector. We provide an update on our progress in implementing our energy transition strategy in our Energy Transition Progress Report 2022.

National and international climate and energy transition policies play an increasingly important role in steering and enabling the energy transition. We advocate robust policies, legislation and regulations that we see as critical for society to achieve net-zero emissions, and for Shell to deliver more low-carbon energy solutions.

We believe the world needs a balanced energy transition: one in which it achieves net-zero emissions, while still providing a secure and affordable supply of energy. We also support a just transition, in which the economic and social benefits of moving towards net zero are inclusive and distributed in a fair way. This includes through national plans for a just transition that support workers, communities and economies affected by the energy transition.