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Raising the bar in lobbying transparency

We recognise there is increasing demand from international organisations, governments, investors, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and others for companies and industry associations to be more transparent about their lobbying, especially in relation to climate and the energy transition.

Investor initiatives, such as the Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark and the Global Standard on Responsible Corporate Climate Lobbying, aim to encourage greater transparency around climate-related lobbying by companies and industry associations.

Our main disclosures are summarised in Table 1. We consult key stakeholders, such as representatives from investor groups and NGOs, on some of these disclosures.

Overview of our main lobbying disclosures, available on (Table 1)




Corporate Political Engagement Statement

Provides details of our approach in four key areas:

  • internal governance;
  • political payments;
  • responsible lobbying; and
  • recruitment and secondments between government bodies and Shell.

US and EU lobbying disclosures

To meet US and EU regulatory requirements. Includes expenditure associated with our lobbying activities.

Climate and energy transition

Global climate and energy transition policy positions

Provides a global framework for our advocacy with governments, international organisations, industry associations, coalitions and other stakeholders.

Climate and Energy Transition Lobbying Report (this report)

Provides a review of our direct and indirect lobbying on key climate and energy transition topics.

Climate and energy transition advocacy updates

Our webpage provides regular updates about our advocacy on key climate and energy transition topics.