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Transforming the energy system

To help to transform the energy system, we:

  • provide more electricity to customers, while also driving a shift to renewable electricity;
  • develop low- and zero-carbon alternatives to traditional fuels, including biofuels, hydrogen, and other low- and zero-carbon gases;
  • work with our customers across different sectors to decarbonise their use of energy; and
  • address any remaining emissions from conventional fuels with solutions such as carbon capture and storage and carbon credits.

Our integrated energy portfolio [A]

AviationMarineCommercialroad transportPersonalmobilityLight industry/commercialHeavyindustryElectricityHydrogenBiofuelsConventio-nal fuelsEnergysolutionsCustomersectorsCarboncapture and storage(applicable across all sectors)Carbon credits [B](applicable across all sectors) Aviation Marine Commercialroad transport Personalmobility Light industry/commercial Heavyindustry Electricity Hydrogen Biofuels Conventionalfuels Energy solutions Customer sectors Carbon capture and storage(applicable across all sectors) Carbon credits [B](applicable across all sectors)
[A] Graphic shows our portfolio of energy solutions and the sectors we can help to decarbonise over time. It does not include other products such as chemicals and lubricants.
[B] Including nature-based solutions.