Contracting and procurement

The efficiency with which a project is executed depends on the cumulative effect of a number of factors: better planning, better data, better training and better supervision – all applied with the utmost discipline from one end of the supply chain to the other. For that reason, it requires bold, new methods of collaboration that fully align contractors’ performance incentives with those of Shell. Once the project’s facilities are operational, best practices need to be applied to all areas in which we work, for example, to maintain the correct level of consumables and spares. These best practices ensure that we have what we need when we need it, taking into account other important considerations across the supply chain, from automatic reordering through to environmentally efficient delivery.

manages the supply chains and logistics that deliver these goods and services to Shell projects and assets. One of our main goals has been to increase the value derived from every dollar spent on those purchases. P&T’s full accountability for all procurement and clear line-of-sight into third-party spend help to achieve this. It makes it easier to pool demand, replicate best practice and raise functional competence levels.

Projects & Technology
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