Projects & Technology overview

Achieving Shell’s strategic ambitions – to provide a world-class investment case, thrive in the energy transition and sustain a strong licence to operate – relies on our ability to:

  • plan, design, engineer, source and construct oil and gas facilities, including the drilling of wells, so that they return the most value per dollar invested;
  • develop emerging technologies into value-generating commercial propositions through internal and external programmes; and
  • enhance the operational performance of its assets through the use of digital technologies and a competitive supply chain; and
  • effectively support and coordinate the annual third party spend of over $40 billion with our contractors and suppliers. 

manages these capabilities in cooperation with Shell’s Integrated Gas, Upstream and Downstream businesses. In addition, it provides the functional leadership for Shell’s global safety commitment and Net Carbon Footprint ambition, helping to ensure that Shell’s operations are run safely and sustainably. 

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Projects & Technology
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