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Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

SEIA is a national trade association for the US solar industry, representing around 1,000 member companies.[1] Its ambition is that 30% of US electricity will be generated by solar by 2030.[2]

Membership of board/executive committee: Shell is represented on the board of directors.

  • 2022 assessment outcome: Aligned
  • 2021 assessment outcome: Aligned


Shell benefits from its membership of SEIA, in particular from SEIA’s expertise and advocacy of energy storage, electric vehicle and power transmission solutions, including the need for greater coordination of interregional power transmission planning.[3]

We have found SEIA to be aligned with our climate and energy transition-related policy positions.

We will encourage SEIA to:

  • Explicitly state support for net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • Support improving energy efficiency through standards and regulatory instruments covering key sectors of the economy.

We will remain a member of SEIA. We will continue to engage the association on climate and energy transition topics. We will continue to track alignment between SEIA’s climate and energy transition-related positions and our own.

Further information

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Paris Agreement and net-zero emissions

  • SEIA has stated support for the Paris Agreement.[4]
  • SEIA has indicated support for Massachusetts setting a target of net-zero emissions by 2050.[5]
  • In December 2022, following a report from the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, SEIA stated that “important achievements such as the Inflation Reduction Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the National Defense Authorization Act are paving the way for progress in the fight against climate change.”[6]

Carbon pricing

  • SEIA has stated support for a carbon price.[7]

Energy efficiency

No position

Decarbonised hydrogen

No position

Natural ecosystems

No position

Carbon capture and storage

No position

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and benchmarks, sustainable finance taxonomies

No position


No position

Electrification with renewable or low-carbon power

  • SEIA states support for solar energy, noting its “enormous potential to reduce our nation’s GHG emissions”, and stating that “any market or policy proposal to address climate change should include significant development of solar and other clean energy technologies to power a clean, affordable economic future.”[8]
  • In a 2022 press release about the Inflation Reduction Act, SEIA stated that “solar and storage companies are one step closer to having the business certainty they need to make the long-term investments that decarbonize the electric grid and create millions of new career opportunities in cities and towns across the country.”[9]
  • In December 2022, following a report from the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, SEIA stated: “The committee’s emphasis on clean energy, environmental justice, electrification of the economy, increased domestic manufacturing and well-paying jobs are among its lasting legacies.”[10]
  • In 2022, SEIA provided feedback on a request for comment on Incentive Provisions for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Residential and Commercial Buildings, stating that “in order to modernize the grid and address the climate crisis, solar energy must account for at least 30% of U.S. generation by the end of this decade and 40-50% by 2035.”[11]

Gases and methane

No position

Road transport: Passenger cars and vans

  • In a website article about growth in the electric vehicle market, SEIA noted that collaboration between automobile manufacturers and utility providers will be key for growth, that solar and electric vehicles will benefit from grid modernisation, and that “solar and EVs are advocating for competitive access to the same benefits as well-entrenched industries, like utilities and automobiles enjoy.”[12]

Road transport: Heavy-duty vehicles

No position

Heavy industry decarbonisation

No position


No position


No position

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