The energy future

Energy is essential to our daily lives. But the way the world produces and consumes energy continues to change.

For many, energy is a defining feature of modern life. Lives and livelihoods, economies and communities depend on convenient, reliable and affordable energy – for power, heating, industry and transport – to prosper and grow. As more people strive to attain energy-dependent products and services, more energy will be needed.

Energy has enhanced our lives: we have never been more connected and, today, more people have better opportunities, better health and better living conditions. This progress has been dependent on reliable, accessible energy. As the global population increases and incomes rise, demand for energy will grow: by 2050, the world’s population will be approaching 10 billion, up from 7 billion today, while more than two in three people could be living in cities. Shell’s New Lens Scenarios show that, within 50 years, global energy demand could be 60% higher than in 2015.