Shell employees at the Bellanaboy Bridge gas terminal in County Mayo, Ireland (photo)

Working together

All of the work we do around the world requires working collaboratively: with contractors, suppliers, non-governmental organisations and other businesses, among many others. We work together towards a number of goals: to achieve operational excellence, best practice on sustainability issues and to improve standards within the energy sector.

Collaboration will be critical to achieving a low-carbon society. Government, business and civil society need to work together to design and support practical solutions.

This section details our work with many of our partners.

Photo: Shell employees at the Bellanaboy Bridge gas terminal at the Corrib natural gas plant that started up in 2015. County Mayo, Ireland.

One woman and four men (icon)One woman and four men (icon)

Women in senior leadership positions

Head with brain (icon)Head with brain (icon)

Training days for employees and  partners

ID card (icon)ID card (icon)

Contractors working for Shell

Chart generators

Build your own individual charts based on the ten-year overview tables for environmental data and social and safety data. Selectable key figures and time periods as well as the option to index the starting point make the data easily comparable.

View our interactive chart tool on environmental data View our interactive chart tool on social and safety data
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