How sustainability works at Shell

Sustainability at Shell means providing energy in a responsible way, in a manner that respects people and communities, their safety and the environment.

Our approach to sustainability stems from our goal to manage and grow a safe, efficient and profitable business. Shell’s core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people – first laid out in the Shell General Business Principles nearly 40 years ago – underpin everything we do. A commitment to contribute to sustainable development was added in the late 1990s. These principles apply to the way we do business and to our conduct with the communities where we operate.

When we invest in energy projects, we seek to balance the short- and long-term interests of our business. For investment decisions, we consider the economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities as well as the political and technical. Our commitment to safety, the environment and to communities plays a crucial role in how we plan, design and operate projects.

Shell’s long-term success relies on our ability to provide the energy and related products people need, in a way that is competitive and socially and environmentally responsible.