The covers, representing two speech bubbles, shows how collaborations and discussions with communities, customers and partners worldwide help Shell provide more and cleaner energy solution (photo)

Sustainability Report 2016

We began reporting voluntarily on our environmental performance with the first Shell Report that covered 1997. We do it to be open and honest, and to show how we are contributing to sustainable development. The Shell Sustainability Report 2016, published April 12, 2017, is our 20th report.

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Sustainable development goals

Shell sustainability topics that are most closely related to the United Nations’ 17 goals.

Towards a low-carbon future

Energy is needed to meet rising global demand, yet that energy needs to be less carbon-intensive.

Our work to address climate change

We work with governments and industry representatives to help society transition to a low-carbon energy future.


We improved or maintained our environmental performance across most business areas in 2016.