Employee in the control room at the Shell joint venture Hazira liquefied natural gas terminal (photo)

Data and reporting

Each year, we measure our global performance and report on the safety of our operations, our impact on the environment and our contribution to communities.

Our External Review Committee assesses the Sustainability Report 2016 and offers an objective view on our progress in sustainability.

This section provides data on our safety, environmental and social performance for 2016, and an opinion from the Committee.

Inside Data and reporting

About our reporting

We have reported voluntarily on our environmental and social performance for 20 years.

Environmental data

Read a full breakdown of our environmental performance with interactive charts.

Social and safety data

View Shell’s social and safety data performance charts.

External Review Committee

Each year, the panel is asked to present its independent opinion on the Shell Sustainability Report.

Chart generators

Build your own individual charts based on the ten-year overview tables for environmental data and social and safety data. Selectable key figures and time periods as well as the option to index the starting point make the data easily comparable.

View our interactive chart tool on environmental data View our interactive chart tool on social and safety data