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Welcome to the 2016 Shell Sustainability Report, which covers our performance in 2016 and significant changes and events during the year. The report includes an introduction from Shell’s Chief Executive Officer Ben van Beurden and an opinion from the External Review Committee.

This year we have changed to an online format. You can read the report by section and by topic, or download as a PDF that you can print.

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Countries Shell operates in

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Average number of people employed by Shell in 2016

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Our approximate share of world oil production

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Our approximate share of world gas production

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Our share of the global supply of energy

Inside Introduction

Introduction from the CEO

Read Ben van Beurden’s launch message for Shell’s Sustainability Report 2016.

Topic selection for 2016

Read about our most relevant and prominent sustainability subjects.

About Shell

What do we do?
What is our business strategy?

How sustainability works at Shell

We provide essential energy while respecting people, their safety and the environment.

Sustainability governance

Making sure we live up to the high standards we set as a company.

Chart generators

Build your own individual charts based on the ten-year overview tables for environmental data and social and safety data. Selectable key figures and time periods as well as the option to index the starting point make the data easily comparable.

View our interactive chart tool on environmental data View our interactive chart tool on social and safety data