The management of security risks is part of our efforts to protect our staff and contractors, communities and the environment.

An employee entering the Shell offices in Qatar, through the security gate (photo)

An employee enters security gates at the Shell offices in Doha, Qatar.

In line with our goal of no harm to people, we carefully assess the security threats and risks to our operations. We work with governments and partners to safeguard our assets and provide a secure working environment for our employees and contractors.

Shell only uses armed security in countries where the threats are most severe, or if it is a requirement under local laws. Greater threats are mostly due to increased geopolitical volatility in certain parts of the world.

Human rights and security

We create security risk management plans as part our aim to prevent harm to communities and the environment. We work alongside governments, companies and non-governmental organisations, which are involved in the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) initiative, to increase adoption of the principles. Our security plans are validated by independent audits and assurance checks.

For more details on how we implement these principles see our VPSHR report.