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Board activities

Board activities

The Board works to a yearly meeting plan with corresponding agendas and reading materials, provided digitally in advance of meetings, to support the Board in its oversight of the Group's operations and management. Standing agenda items include reports from the CEO, the CFO and the Chair of each Board committee. Other updates throughout the year come from various businesses and key functions, including Investor Relations; Health and Safety, Security and Environment; Information Technology; Human Resources; and Legal, as well as the Company Secretary. The Board also considers and approves the quarterly, half-year and full-year financial results, shareholder distributions and the associated announcements, and, at most meetings, considers investment, divestment and/or financing proposals. It also conducts post-investment reviews and performance tracking, as and when required. Additionally, the Board reviews the Group's annual operating plan, including activities undertaken designed to meet the Group's carbon reduction targets. To enable purposeful debates and focus on particular aspects of agenda topics, including the impact on key stakeholders, Directors have an opportunity to specify information they require to be provided in advance of Board meetings.

During the year, where possible, certain Non-executive Directors conduct site visits. The visits are designed to provide them with a deeper insight into certain business operations.

More detail on these can be found in the table below.

Some of the activities and areas of Board focus over the year are summarised in the table below. The information below is not exhaustive. Information on other topics discussed by the Board and details of the resulting decisions are covered elsewhere, primarily in the Section 172 statement provided earlier in this report. In some cases, a brief outline has been provided below, and page references are provided for additional and more comprehensive information.

Board Strategy Days

The Board held its Strategy Days during June 2023. These were held in person in Canada over three days. The programme for the event aimed at having engaging and interactive sessions with both internal and external stakeholders. These included employees, customers, suppliers, regional country chairs and other key stakeholders.

The event focused on Shell's energy transition strategy in Canada. The Board and EC members conducted a deep dive on the strategic elements that would inform Shell's Energy Transition Strategy 2024 (ETS24). Around this theme, the event provided for the following key discussion and engagement opportunities:

  • An in-depth discussion on strategy and business implementation, with an emphasis on the growth potential and dilemmas of Shell's businesses in Canada;
  • Engagements with experts shaping the energy and climate policy in Canada;
  • Discussions of the opportunities and challenges inherent in ETS24;
  • Discussions on Canada's perspective on the energy transition and its geopolitical context, including engagement with Shell leaders from across the country;
  • A review of growing our sustainable future safely and competitively where presenters included a cross section of business and site staff;
  • A site visit to LNG Canada (under construction on the west coast of Canada), which included engagements with the leaders of the Haisla Nation in their community of Kitimat and Mayor Phil Germuth of Kitimat;
  • Engagements with a cross section of Shell's workforce in Canada who work across a range of key businesses and functions;
  • Discussions with key customers and stakeholders in the region; and
  • Discussion of core elements of the Powering Progress strategy.

  • Topic
  • Discussion/activity/updates included
  • Examples of outcome/progress
  • Stakeholders considered

Director induction and training

After being appointed to the Board, Directors receive a comprehensive induction tailored to their individual needs. This normally includes site visits and meetings with Senior Management to enable them to build up a detailed understanding of Shell's business and strategy, and the key risks and issues that Shell faces. Existing Directors are also able to join these visits to keep abreast of business developments and progress. In 2023, we continued with a hybrid format, making the best use of the Directors' time through digital and physical engagements. Onboarding will continue to be phased and prioritised based on forthcoming Board agenda items to ensure new Non-executive Directors hit the ground running.

A digital onboarding book is provided to each new Non-executive Director. These onboarding books complement the existing digital Directors' Handbook and feature:

  • Overviews of scheduled briefing meetings customised to the Non-executive Directors' needs and linked to upcoming Board agenda items;
  • Hyperlinks to key Shell publications (external and internal);
  • Lists of common Shell acronyms;
  • Key current materials on:
    • Shell's safety and core values;
    • Board governance;
    • Group strategy and portfolio;
    • Key businesses and functions; and
    • Climate change and energy transition.
  • Biographies of key executives;
  • Other elements of the onboarding programme for Non-executive Directors include:
    • Briefing meetings with key executives (both business and functional) customised to Non-executive Directors' needs and phased based on forthcoming Board agenda items;
    • Pairing up new Non-executive Directors in onboarding briefings to optimise learning while also providing opportunities for collegial relationship-building and increasing efficiencies for the executives; and
    • Virtual and physical site visits (either specifically for onboarding or by inviting the new Directors to committees' site visits).
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