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Chapter entry image: Image of London showing the river with  the Shell Tower, London Eye and houses of parliament in view (photo)

Our approach to tax

Shell seeks to comply with the applicable tax laws in all the countries and locations in which we have a taxable presence. We respect both the letter and the spirit of these tax laws.

Image of a suspension road bridge crossing in Hong Kong with containers freight ship passing underneath and urban cityscape in the background. (photo)

Shell's Responsible Tax Principles

The payment of taxes is a vital part of our contribution to the countries and communities where we operate.

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We believe it is important to hold open dialogue on fiscal matters and we advocate fair, effective and stable tax systems. As a global business with substantial tax-paying and tax-collecting obligations, Shell contributes its experience and insight to discussions aimed at strengthening tax processes and control.

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Taxable presence
See Permanent establishment.
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