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  • Third-party revenues


  • Related-party revenues


  • Total revenues


  • Profit before tax


  • Corporate income tax paid


  • Corporate income tax accrued


  • Stated capital


  • Accumulated earnings


  • Tangible assets


  • Other payments to governments

Shell's footprint

Shell holds a 7.4% interest in Caspian Pipeline Consortium through two wholly owned Shell companies, one of which has a branch in Cyprus. The consortium owns and operates an oil pipeline running from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, across parts of Kazakhstan and Russia. Shell also holds an exploration and production licence, but production has not yet started.

Country financial analysis

Cyprus has a statutory corporate income tax rate of 12.5%.

A branch is an office or business presence in a location other than where the corporate entity is established.
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Corporate income tax
This is a direct tax imposed on companies’ profits. It is sometimes levied at a national level but can also be levied on a state or local basis.
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