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Significant shareholdings

The Company’s ordinary shares have voting rights on all matters that are subject to shareholder approval, including the election of directors. The Company’s major shareholders do not have different voting rights.

Notification of major shareholdings

The Company received two notifications pursuant to Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rule (DTR) 5 from Norges Bank and Blackrock, Inc. during the year and up to February 21, 2022, (being a date not more than one month prior to the date of the Company’s Notice of Annual General Meeting). The information provided includes the percentage of issued capital as at the date of the notifications.



A shares

B shares

Ordinary Shares Total








Norges Bank [A]







Blackrock [B]




The notification for Norges Bank was announced on August 6, 2021, before the assimilation of the A and B shares effected on January 29, 2022. The figures in the table above reflect the position which was announced at the time, however, these will now have now been assimilated, as shown under the “Ordinary shares” column.


The notification for Blackrock was announced on February 3, 2022. The figures in the table above reflect the position which was announced at the time, which was following the assimilation of the ordinary shares.

Designation of the Netherlands as EU Home Member State for regulatory purposes

Following the exit of the UK from the EU and the end of the transition period, the Company announced that the EU Home Member State of the Company for the purposes of the EU Transparency Directive would be the Netherlands as from January 1, 2021. As a consequence, the Company files Transparency Directive and Market Abuse Regulation-related regulatory information with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, or AFM). Major shareholders are required to report substantial holdings in Shell to the AFM in accordance with applicable Dutch law, in addition to their ongoing disclosure obligations under the UK Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules (DTR).