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Business and property

Oil and natural gas production, exploration and development


We operate the Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) venture’s natural gas operations, including wells, compression stations and processing plants, in Queensland’s Surat Basin. We have interests ranging from 44% to 74% in 25 field compression stations and six central processing plants. Our production of natural gas from the onshore Surat Basin supplies the QCLNG liquefaction plant and the domestic gas market.

We have a 50% interest in Arrow, a Queensland-based joint venture with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). Arrow owns coalbed methane assets and a domestic power business.

We have interests in offshore production, LNG liquefaction and exploration licences in the Browse Basin and in the North West Shelf (NWS) and Greater Gorgon areas of the Carnarvon Basin. Woodside is the operator on behalf of the NWS joint venture (Shell interest 16.7%). We have a 25% interest in the Chevron-operated Gorgon LNG joint venture that includes offshore production.

Our interests in the Browse Basin include joint arrangements, with Shell as the operator, for: the Prelude field (Shell interest 67.5%); the pre-final investment decision Crux gas and condensate field (Shell interest 82%); and other backfill and contingent resources for Prelude FLNG, including the Bratwurst field (Shell interest 100%). Bratwurst, discovered in 2019, is currently under evaluation as a future backfill opportunity.

We are also a partner in the Browse joint arrangement (Shell interest 27%) covering the Brecknock, Calliance and Torosa gas fields, which are under development and operated by Woodside.


We hold a 37.5% participating interest in the Caipipendi block where we produce and explore. We also have a 25% interest in the Tarija XX West block where we produce from the Itaú field. We hold a 15% participating interest in the Repsol-operated Iniguazu exploration.


We jointly develop and produce from the onshore Changbei tight-gas field under a production-sharing contract (PSC) with CNPC. We took the final investment decision on the Changbei II Phase 1 project in 2017, and started drilling activity in early 2019.


We have 50% interests in three blocks that we operate, and 60% interests in two other deep-water blocks where our partner is the operator.


We have a 25% interest in the Burullus Gas Company (Burullus), a self-operated joint venture which operates the West Delta Deep Marine concession (Shell interest 50%) and supplies gas to the domestic market and the Egyptian LNG plant. We have a 50% interest in the Rashid Petroleum Company (Rashpetco), a self-operated joint venture which operates the Rosetta concession (Shell interest 100%). We have a 30% interest in the El Burg Offshore Company (EBOC), a self-operated joint venture which operates the El Burg offshore concession (Shell interest 60%).

We have participating interests in several exploration concessions in the Mediterranean, Nile Delta, and Red Sea.


We have a 35% interest in the INPEX Masela Ltd joint venture which owns and operates the offshore Masela block.


In December 2021, with our partners, OQ and Marsa Liquefied Natural Gas LLC (a joint venture between TotalEnergies and OQ), we signed a concession agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals on behalf of the government of the Sultanate of Oman to develop and produce natural gas from Block 10. We also signed a separate gas sales agreement for gas produced from the block. The two agreements followed an interim upstream agreement that detailed a funding and work programme from 2019 until the end of 2021 to develop gas resources for projects to help meet the Sultanate of Oman’s growing need for energy.


We operate the Pearl GTL plant (Shell interest 100%) in Qatar under a development and PSC with the government. The fully integrated facility has the capacity to produce, process and transport 1.6 billion standard cubic feet per day (scf/d) of gas from Qatar’s North Field. We have a 30% interest in Qatargas 4, which comprises integrated facilities to produce around 1.4 billion scf/d of gas from Qatar’s North Field, an onshore gas-processing facility.


We have a 27.5% interest in the Sakhalin-2 joint venture with Gazprom. Sakhalin-2 is an integrated oil and gas project on Sakhalin island, in the far east of Russia.


We operate and have a 60% interest in Blocks 1 and 4 off the coast of southern Tanzania. In June 2020, the government granted a four and a half-year licence extension for both blocks. We continue to develop a potential domestic gas and LNG project.

Trinidad and Tobago

We have interests in three concessions with producing fields: Central Block (Shell interest 65%), North Coast Marine Area (NCMA) (Shell interest 80.5%), and East Coast Marine Area (Shell interest 100%). The East Coast Marine Area includes Block 5C which started production in July 2021. We also own a 90% interest in Block 22 and an 80% interest in NCMA 4 which includes the undeveloped Iris discovery. Our interests range from 35% to 100% in exploration Blocks 5(d), 5(c)REA, 6(d), and Atlantic Area Block 5.

Renewables and Energy Solutions

Renewables and Energy Solutions includes Shell’s production and marketing of hydrogen, nature and environmental solutions as well as our integrated power activities. Our integrated power activities comprise:

  • generating electricity through wind and solar;
  • providing electricity storage;
  • marketing and trading gas and power;
  • selling gas and power to commercial, industrial and retail customers;
  • providing electric vehicle charging services; and
  • providing customers with digitally enabled solutions.

We are building the Renewables and Energy Solutions portfolio through organic growth and acquisitions. Most of these opportunities are in sectors that are different from Shell’s existing oil and gas businesses, but have some similarities or adjacencies to our other businesses. Shell-controlled Renewables and Energy Solutions companies are subject to the Shell Control Framework. Some are not yet in full compliance with the Shell Control Framework and we are working to bring them into compliance in a fit-for-purpose manner.

In 2021, cash capital expenditure in Renewables and Energy Solutions amounted to $2.4 billion.

Energy Solutions

We provide electricity and smart energy solutions to residential, commercial and industrial customers. We do this through direct electricity sales, storage solutions and energy optimisation services.

We sell natural gas and power to more than 1.6 million retail customers. Currently our largest retail market is the UK. We are expanding our retail business in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

Our largest markets for commercial and industrial customers are Australia and the USA. In Australia we are the second-largest commercial and industrial retailer of electricity, supplying more than 20% of the market.

Electric mobility

We sell and install charge points at homes, workplaces, destinations and depots, operating more than 80,000 charge points. We also provide software solutions and access to more than 300,000 public charge points through our roaming networks in Europe, North America, and South-east Asia. We will integrate our electric mobility activities into Marketing, which is currently part of Oil Products, from 2022 onwards.


We are part of joint ventures and alliances that have built hydrogen filling stations for passenger cars and trucks. We have built a 10 MW electrolyser in Germany. This began operating in July 2021 and is now producing green hydrogen, which is hydrogen produced using electricity from renewable sources. In China, we developed a 20 MW renewable power electrolyser and hydrogen refuelling stations in Zhangjiakou City in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. We started operations in January 2022.

Nature and Environmental Solutions

Nature and Environmental Solutions includes our Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) business and the Environmental Products Trading Business (EPTB). NBS conserve, enhance and restore ecosystems – such as forests, grasslands and wetlands – to prevent greenhouse gas emissions or reduce atmospheric CO2 levels.

Through EPTB we develop, offtake, trade and supply environmental products across compliance and voluntary markets, and this includes partnering with other businesses such as LNG or Marketing to provide integrated energy solutions to customers.

Marketing and trading

We market and trade natural gas and power from our own assets and from third parties. In North America we are the third-largest power wholesale trader.

Wind and solar

We enable renewable power generation by owning and operating wind farms and solar plants and participating in joint ventures. At the end of 2021, our share of renewable generation capacity was 1.2 GW in operation and 5.6 GW in development. Our renewable power capacities are listed below:

Renewable power capacity in operation and in development


In operation

In development


100% capacity (MW)

Shell interest (MW)

100% capacity (MW)

Shell interest (MW)











North America










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