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Consideration of shareholder views

The REMCO engages with major shareholders on a regular basis throughout the year and this allows it to hear views on Shell’s remuneration approach and test proposals when developing or evolving the Policy. Recent examples of the REMCO responding to shareholder views include: considering the quantum of executive pay and the use of alternative reward structures; introducing the Energy Transition metric to the LTIP in line with our strategic ambitions; removing the individual performance modifier from the calculation of annual bonus outcomes to make remuneration structures simpler and more transparent to shareholders; reducing the CEO’s target bonus from 150% to 125%; reducing the CEO’s LTIP grant; and enabling the broader use of discretion to manage remuneration outcomes.

The REMCO will review the Policy regularly to ensure it continues to reinforce Shell’s long-term strategy and remains closely aligned with shareholders’ interests.

Additional policy statement

The REMCO reserves the right to make payments outside the Policy in limited exceptional circumstances, such as for regulatory, tax or administrative purposes or to take account of a change in legislation or exchange controls, and only where the REMCO considers such payments are necessary to give effect to the intent of the Policy.

Signed on behalf of the Board

/s/ Linda M. Coulter

Linda M. Coulter

Company Secretary
March 9, 2022

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