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Earnings 2021-2020

Segment earnings in 2021 were $6,340 million, which included a net charge of $2,417 million. The net charge comprised losses of $2,641 million due to the fair value accounting of commodity derivatives, impairment charges of $594 million and provisions for onerous contracts of $217 million, partly offset by gains on sale of assets of $1,086 million.

Segment earnings in 2020 were a loss of $6,278 million, which included a net charge of $10,661 million. The net charge reflected impairment charges of $9,282 million mainly reflecting revisions to mid- and long-term price outlook assumptions and primarily related to the Queensland Curtis LNG and Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) operations in Australia. It also comprised a net charge of $969 million due to the fair value accounting of commodity derivatives and a charge of $607 million related to onerous contract provisions.

Excluding the net charges described above, segment earnings were $8,757 million in 2021 compared with $4,383 million in 2020. The increase was mainly driven by higher realised prices for oil, LNG and gas, favourable tax movements and higher volumes. This was partly offset by higher operating expenditure.

Prior year earnings summary

Our earnings summary for the financial year ended December 31, 2020, compared with the financial year ended December 31, 2019, can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts and Form 20-F (page 31) for the year ended December 31, 2020 as filed with the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales and the US Securities and Exchange Commission, respectively.

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