Raising safety standards

Across the industry

We learn from others and share our safety experience and standards with other operators, contractors and professional organisations, including the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), the Energy Institute and , the global oil and gas industry association for advancing environmental and social performance.

A man at a heliport in Nigeria. (photo)

We operate and charter helicopters and planes to transport staff and contractors to facilities.

In 2020, we continued to work with offshore helicopter safety association HeliOffshore and the in a number of areas to drive safer ways of working with aircraft. Together with aviation industry groups, helicopter operators, and other energy companies, we developed a common set of industry guidelines and best practices for offshore helicopter flights. These include recommended improvements such as warning systems with earlier hazard alerts.

This work is designed to deliver a more consistent approach and a stronger safety performance across the industry.

With our contractors

Since 2014, Shell executives have collaborated in pairs with executives of major contractor companies – as part of Shell’s contractor safety leadership programme – to identify strategies and practical steps to improve safety culture and achieve our Goal Zero ambition of no harm and no leaks. They have also worked together to drive standardisation and simplification. The programme has a joint safety vision and includes 21 companies.

In 2020, the contractor safety leadership programme focused on worker welfare, mental health, digital technology, and Shell’s refreshed approach to safety (see Our approach to safety), including ways to strengthen its implementation in 2021. Challenges posed by COVID-19 were also discussed.

The global oil and gas industry association for advancing environmental and social performance
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International Association of Oil & Gas Producers
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