New Energies

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In 2016, we formed a New Energies business to pursue three main areas of opportunities in the energy transition: new fuels for transport, such as biofuels and hydrogen; integrated energy solutions, where wind and solar energy can partner with gas to manage intermittency; and connecting customers with new business models for energy, enabled by digitalisation and the decentralisation of energy systems.

New energies: areas of opportunities

New energies: areas of opportunities – New fuels, Renewable power, Connected customer (map)New energies: areas of opportunities – New fuels, Renewable power, Connected customer (map)

New fuels



  • Hydrogen & biofuels
  • Customer solutions
  • Wind & solar combined with gas

Our focus remains on areas that share aspects with our core businesses, such as our biofuels joint venture Raízen (Shell interest 50%) in Brazil that produces ethanol from sugar cane, as well as hydrogen as a transport fuel. Working with the H2 Mobility joint venture in Germany, we aim to grow the hydrogen network and are exploring other opportunities in the UK and USA. We are looking at how best to combine wind and solar power with our existing business and capabilities. Our share of capacity from wind power projects in the USA and the Netherlands is more than 400 megawatts. In the Netherlands, we have an interest in the consortium that, in December 2016, was awarded the concession by the Dutch government to develop the Borssele III and IV offshore wind farm projects, to be located 20 kilometres off the Dutch coast. We are exploring ways to deploy solar technologies to lower the carbon intensity of our operations.

This complements Shell’s Integrated Gas business in many ways.